Accountable Care at the Front Lines: Physician Performance Analytics Bring Business and Clinical Intelligence to Demands for Quality

Expense in the healthcare system is increasingly based on accountable, quality care, for which physician-performance analysis is essential. As part of solutions that integrate clinical and financial data, clinical analytics can show where and how to achieve savings. Reliable summary and graphic results drive a process in which physicians take ownership of improved services and resource use. The tools also enhance reporting and clinical-decision support, as they improve the revenue-positive position of service lines and create a culture of constant clinical and business improvement.

In October 2011, CMS released its final value-based purchasing rules for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), with a heavy emphasis on increased financial responsibility for healthcare providers, pegged to clinical performance. Hospitals and other ACOs — and their physician medical staffs — needed no greater illustration of the new reality, one in which they must keep costs down while maintaining good outcomes.

For more detailed insight into the importance of physician performance analtyics and the role it plays in the new era of accountable care, download the full white paper.


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