Gilsbar Gains More Than $600,000 in Benefits, Achieves 166% Return on Investment Using MEDai Population Health Management Tool

Gilsbar, Inc., one of the country’s largest privately held health-and-benefit management organizations, offers services for improving the health of its members and for helping its clients contain their costs. Its MedCom division provides comprehensive population health management strategies for employers, affinity groups, insurance carriers, and individuals. One of its key services is helping those groups identify people at high risk, and offering targeted wellness programs and health interventions.

They were looking for a predictive analytics solution that would:

• Identify the right people for care management
• Help nurses more effectively do their jobs
• Help deliver care to patients with chronic conditions.

The case study shows how Gilsbar achieves a 166% return on investment using MEDai Navigator for Population Health Management.

Please complete the information to recieve a copy of the case study.


  • Trish Smith

    I have just tried to download your Gilsbar, Inc. Case Study. But your system is not automatically downloading.

    I would like to read the case study

    Thanks for your help!

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