HOW MEDai CAN HELP Government Organizations

Improve patient compliance and physician engagement.

 MEDaidelivers detailed analyses that are invaluable to Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans, driving the identification, stratification and tracking of beneficiaries throughout the care management process. The goal, of course, is to have healthier patients while containing costs. Our powerful analyses also help you reduce inpatient admission and emergency room visits while increasing patient compliance with care plans. We are committed to helping government plans proactively manage beneficiaries while evaluating gaps in care and predicting future risk. We also provide tools you can use to engage physicians in measuring their utilization and case mix as they strive to measure and improve their performance.

The management of your Medicaid / Medicare case load is a daunting task, one bursting with the need to perform better, lower costs and compliance issues. Putting the necessary tools in front of you to manage this load is our strong suit. We understand your needs, your industry, how you acquire and process data, and have custom solutions that we develop to support your organization.

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