HOW MEDai CAN HELP Health Information Exchanges

Analyze data from all directions to make it understandable and actionable.

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) aim to bring disparate data sources together to enable an aggregated view of patient and provider data. The goal is to make better use of health care data to improve outcomes and reduce costs — and MEDai, makes it possible. Combining predictive analytics with HIEs will empower everyone in the healthcare continuum — from providers to payers and patients — to take appropriate action.


  • Quality improvement through the power of shared, patient-centric information, from health records.
  • Seamless analytics for physicians and other hospital stakeholders to leverage acute care information                 across systems and care settings.
  • Utilizing shared information provided by HIEs reduces the risk of unnecessary labs, tests, medications or treatment protocols — ultimately lowering the cost of care delivered.
  • Optimize prospective and retrospective utilization profiling for physicians and facilities by using robust analytics in conjunction with HIE data.
  • 360-degree data, combined with world-class analytics, provides improved clinical care and makes it possible to set competitive premium rates with superior medical expense forecasting.

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