Thought Leaders

Peter Edelstein Dr. Peter Edelstein
Chief Medical Officer
Peter Edelstein, M.D. has 17 years of extensive clinical and executive business experience including general, gastrointestinal, oncologic, and trauma surgery. Over the course of his career, Dr. Edelstein has utilized his clinical and executive skills to successfully guide hospitals, staff, physicians, students, and patients towards successful, patient‐focused high quality outcomes. As a remarkable visionary and exemplary leader in the medical community, he is focused on helping organizations to improve their financial, operational and strategic performance for clinical integration and push for accountable care across the continuum. Prior to joining MEDai, served as Vice President, Chief Medical Officer at Florida Hospital Waterman and subsequently as Chief Strategic Officer for Adventist Health Systems’ physician group.

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Ognian Asparouhov Dr. Ognian Asparouhov
Chief Scientist
Dr. Ogi Asparouhov has more than 25 years of extensive predictive modeling\data mining and executive business\academic experience in the field of healthcare outcomes and predictive modeling applications based on payer (medical and pharmacy claims, HRA, labs) and hospital (claims and real time) data. He has Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics. Dr. Asparouhov was the principal developer of the models with which MEDai won first place in the SOA 2007 independent study: A Comparative Analysis of Claim-Based Tools for Health Risk Assessment. Prior to MEDai, he served as Research Professor and Director of Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

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Anton Berisha Dr. Anton Berisha
Director, Clinical Analytics & Innovation
Dr. Anton Berisha, MD has almost two decades of clinical experience spanning general practice, general surgery, clinical laboratory and pharmacy. Dr. Berisha also has extensive expertise with relational databases, data analysis and predictive modeling application across the continuum of healthcare. Dr. Berisha completed medical school in 1993 and General Surgery residency in 2002.Since joining MEDai, Dr. Berisha has been instrumental in building clinical data intelligence including direct support of our scientist team in design, development, and validation of predictive modeling algorithms and risk stratification tools. His current expertise and interests are exploration of large data repositories with extended longitudinal view capabilities as a potential window into better understanding of specific clinical trends.

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