eBook: Using Analytics to Drive Effectiveness in Medicaid

eBook: Using Analytics to Drive Effectiveness in Medicaid

In the past two decades, Medicaid spending has grown by 450%. By 2020, Medicaid will cover nearly 100 million Americans, or more than 30% of the U.S. population. Medicaid expansion in the states will seriously exacerbate the influx of large numbers of new patients with existing, undertreated, undiagnosed and poorly managed conditions, as well as limited provider capacity, making efficient identification and stratification even more important.photo of nurse and patientWithout advanced analytics, both state Medicaid agencies and Medicaid health plans will operate blind. So, too, will physicians and other caregivers.

This eBook is designed to help Medicaid health care professionals be more effective in managing Medicaid beneficiaries and the providers who treat them. To do that, a practical perspective is explored on how analytics are being used to drive change in health care (generally) and, in turn, are driving organizational effectiveness in Medicaid Plans and Agencies, in light of the rapidly evolving health care landscape.

It begins by providing a common understanding of health care analytics and ends with direction on how to evaluate your own organization and discover which opportunities will further its effectiveness in treating the Medicaid population.

To read more about how you can build the power of these high-value analytics assets into your clinical and financial programs, download the eBook today.

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